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Forever business planning principles. Erna Herteliu

Forever business planning principles. Erna Herteliu

Author: Erna Maura Herteliu, Sapphire Manager Forever

To become a successful member of the large and valuable Forever Living Products (Aloe Vera Company), internationally available, you need to take some important steps, learn some values, success and perseverance.

Here are some tips I followed on my way to Forever:

  1. Add value to human value
  2. There is no single magic formula or plan that suits any human being

That is why, ADAPTATING to a particular situation of each person is the fundamental principle in Forever business planning.

Before you really start, would this business be worth considering. First of all, what is your attitude towards your own business? What are your expectations? What level of growth do you expect?

It is also possible to have some uncertainty, not knowing what to expect: success or failure?

There are some aspects of the business activity that do not depend on you, which you cannot change and you should not consume energy trying to change them. For example, the personal problems of the people around you that should not be STOP signs for your success, DIRECTION INDICATORS!

Success in Forever is not about how much you can work, but about the ability to DREAM and VISUALIZE what is possible. Once you can dream and imagine the future, you can work hard to create it.

Creativity can become an asset in your business activity, because creative people often:

a) get bored easily and try new things or new ways of approach

b) takes risks and fights

c) “color outside the lines” and not satisfied with what everyone does

d) think with their heart and dedicate themselves to their purpose

e) make many mistakes because they try hard to fight, but they learn from their mistakes

g) works better independently because they get to evolve very quickly

h) can be easily adapted

j) they have big dreams that they can turn into reality

So that success will not get you unprepared and be sure that you will know him, as you wish, try to set, professional, goals, not desires! Forever Living and working at this company is not just about reaching a target, it is more about what you become during your journey, how you become.

Take the time to realize who you need to become to get what you want.

When you are in control of your own financial destiny, the joys should come from you because you can fulfill almost any desire. If your current job or career is not moving you in this direction, it may be time to change something. Forever Living Products offers an excellent business opportunity!

Today’s state of happiness is the key to future happiness.

And finally, I want to write the definition of the word Gratitude = lasting feeling of affection nourished by a person towards someone, for a well done (definition). Synonyms: satisfaction, pleasure, joy, pride, sobriety. Gratitude = great attitude.

Herteliu Erna Maura – Sapphire Manager – member of Champions Club