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FOREVER gives you a great perspective but the choice is yours!

FOREVER gives you a great perspective but the choice is yours!

Author: Vera Meşter, Diamond Manager

Dear colleagues, let’s take a look at what generates growth in a team.

Most of you have reached the managerial level within the company. From this level, you are in a different position, with other rights but also with other responsibilities. From now on, you have the choice of continuing to focus on product distribution by staying at this level or starting your development and preparation to evolve.

Evolution is possible only when you become a leader and then get involved in training other leaders. Only a man eager to learn to become a better leader will be able to teach others to become good leaders.

We do not train sales agents and we are not sales agents, but we have fulfilled dreams that we want to see realized.

FOREVER gives you a great perspective but the choice is yours!

Come on, let’s fulfill our dreams by helping others fulfill theirs. We teach those around us to live a Healthy, Free and Prosperous Lifestyle by giving them our personal example, guiding them, supporting them, offering them a growth environment with clear Vision, Mission and Values.

The path to exponential growth is the formation of new leaders in your team!

The way you have driven so far has brought you to where you are today. If you grow to a new level of leadership, your team and your results will grow! Only if you get involved in discovering and training leaders, you will have REAL SUCCESS! So let’s not complain about the results anymore. They are directly proportional to our level of leadership!

By changing our attitude, we will change our altitude!

Forever is looking for eagles! At first we choose to be Consumers, then we find out how the Active is done, doing the three basic activities well (eat, drink and pamper myself with the products in my business, tell others how pleased they are with them and share them with the special perspective of developing a personal business with Forever).

With the help of different business strategies, each of us became managers. Some believed in Forever’s chance from the beginning and acted as a target for this level, but there were also cases where others I told about the business developed rapidly and thus the wave created also raised us. The question is what did we understand that this new level means and how did we adapt to the rights and responsibilities that came back to us from that moment.

It is also important as we have developed professionally to be able to manage what we have achieved, to keep what we have gained with more or less effort.

If we continued our training, it means that we continued the presentations for the team, we took care of the consumers, we initiated the new collaborators and at least 50% of the time we gave it to the Active members of the team so that they can earn a salary and be satisfied.

By doing these activities well, maintaining the level by achieving at least 60 – 100 p.c. it is absolutely possible, and becoming an Eagle Manager by helping two of the year’s assets become supervisors is normal!

It is difficult to understand, in some cases, why so much effort has been made to win a right, if not to use it and benefit from more significant rewards, or why much fuel has been consumed to reach the top of the hill, if , after you arrive, let the car slide down the valley.

Normality means doing everything to enjoy the fruit of your work by continuing the activity with more enthusiasm and love, after you have achieved the level of manager and especially when you have so many rights, when you are paid much better, when you open yourself great prospects for the future.

Here, with 720pc / year you can go free to an international business event and get a decent bonus. But the level of 720pc / year is just “base camp” meaning the base camp located on the top of a hill from where the climb to the Forever business mountain begins.

My challenge for you is greater! Develop your leadership level and accept the challenge of leadership. Start with understanding and liking the work of training new leaders. Select the assets that have the desire and ability to develop, guide them how to form a team of their own, teach them how to lead it to 2-3 people, then 10-15 people, to climb the plan marketing at the levels of supervisor, assistant manager and manager doing the same as you.

Create a system that is tailored to your goals and possibilities, which you can constantly work on and which, if productive, can be duplicated by the training leaders in your team. Once you have created it in the simplest way, you have made it work constantly, the multiplication will be exponential and in 2-3 years you will be at least sapphire manager and you will have at least one Chairman’s bonus check, Auto program and 1500 pc.

Is it really that hard? Does personal, professional development, networking and communication involve a lot of work and passion? YES! But if you do not get involved in this growth process, the time will surely come when you will regret it and you will never know why you would have been able to achieve it and what great achievements you would have had.

There is nothing sadder than a capable, talented person with immense potential to end his/her life as if his/her potential were zero.

Fear kills the dream!

The courage is to climb into the saddle despite the fear you feel and find that you like it and you would never have known it if you didn’t take the risk.

Don’t say you don’t know how to be a leader. I know for sure you can learn if you want. I know for sure you have the potential to be, to do and to have! I know the people on your team would like a successful sponsor and your family would be proud of you and make it better. I know that the people you will help grow will live better and evolve. The question is: Will you accept the challenge of leadership? Will you accept to be an agent of change?

You will choose to evolve from Product Distributor (90% products- 10% business) to Active Manager with min. 60 pc. (60% products -40% business) and then to the Leader with at least 120 pc / mo (80 business and 20% products)? Of course, the choice is yours! I urge you to choose personal evolution, to choose to be a leader in order to live well.

Vera Mestre, Diamond Manager

Photo source: https://foreveropportunities.wordpress.com