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Life is a mission not just a career

Life is a mission not just a career

Autor: Aurel and Veronica Meşter, Diamond Manager


Let’s get together from good to excellent!

Let’s become our best version.

Let us make our contribution to the health, well-being and safety of our families.

Be the leaders who serve and lead people to a better life and real success globally.

Let’s be the teammates to be able to count on, building together a team of character, dedicated and competent people who value themselves and live as a true family.

Target excellence, get the best possible results and celebrate generously the victory and progress of everyone!

”It’s time to move from Good to Great ” (Gregg Maughan, preşedintele Forever Living)


Our mission involves promoting a healthy lifestyle on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, family, socially, professionally and financially.


  • a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and sport and keep ourselves always be in the best shape.
  • in balance and well-being from a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical point of view
  • being concerned about the development of personal and professional potential at a superior level

“The gift of God to you is your potential. Your gift to God is what you do with it. ” (John Maxwell)


  • in practice, providing real solutions for a healthier and more prosperous life
  • manifesting empathy and respect for each person
  • sharing generously with personal and professional experience, in our country and internationally

„The power of Forever is the power of love” (Rex Maughan)


  • first of all ourselves (Self Leadership)
  • our partners to a higher level of professional performance and financial freedom
  • providing mentoring tools, a system and an optimal environment for their business development
  • building the spirit of a winning team that helps, works, wins and celebrates together

“Who wants to be the greatest among you, helps everyone. Who wants to be the first,  serves everyone ” (Isus)


When we have clear values, the decisions are very easy.

  • Altruism in the desire to offer value, support and encouragement to all our collaborators
  • Loyalty in families, friendships and business relationships
  • Unit within the team is an essential asset to which we all contribute
  • The enthusiasm that comes from the belief that smile and joy are essential to health and success in an activity based on relationships and communication
  • The significance of our work comes from the belief that what we do together goes far beyond money and material or professional success, bringing us spiritual fulfilment by contributing to the health and well-being of those who join us and give them their confidence.

Together as one!

We believe that the personal evolution of the level of intelligence at the spiritual level (SQ), emotional (EQ) and mental (IQ) levels are essential and will influence personal progress in all areas of a person’s life.

We aim to create a profitable environment in which we will support and train our partners for a new level of accomplishment and performance in personal life but also in business through lifestyle seminars, personal development, professional, business, leadership and especially by personal example.